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What is the Gospel? How can we be saved?

The Gospel

God is Holy, perfect in every way. And He created all things, specifically humanity, to share in that holiness, to worship Him and live holy lives. In order to live life the way it is intended, we would have to live perfectly holy lives.

But something went terribly wrong, humanity fell into sin. With Adam and Eve's initial sin all of humanity has been plunged into an unholy state. Humans are infected with sinful thoughts and habits, leading us to live unholy lives. We all have sinned, and thus we are responsible for that sin.

And there is a consequence to our sinful lives, separation. Each human experiences separation in two ways, one is a physical separation,
death. As a consequence of sin each human is cursed to die. Another separation is spiritual death. This is the separation of our relationship with God. As guilty sinners we are separate from God, and are destined to death in both the physical and spiritual sense. We are each guilty before God and He must punish that sin. If we die separated from God, we will be punished in Hell.

God is loving, He desires for His people to share again in His fellowship and live in holy lives. But He must also be just and punish each sin. God must maintain His holiness and His justice, but He also desires to show His mercy, love, and grace. So God provided a way to bring us back into proper relationship with Himself, a way to both punish sin and display His wrath as well as be merciful and gracious. And this is done through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as told in the Bible.

Jesus Christ lived a perfectly holy life, but was crucified on the cross, and after the third day rose again. His perfect life is the life we fail to live. He is holy for us. By His death He took the punishment of death. His death was done in our place. And His resurrection points forward to the resurrection, God's mastery over death itself. In Jesus Christ, by believing in Him, we can restore our relationship with God. We can be seen as holy, as Christ is holy. We can have our sins paid for, as Christ took our place. And we can have the hope of eternal life, as He was resurrected.

We can be saved, we can be restored to God, and delivered from sin and the punishment of Hell. But this can only be done in the person of Jesus Christ. By believing that Jesus Christ is Lord, that God sent Him to die for your sins, that He is raised from the dead, and that we repent and turn from our sinful lives. To do so means we can be "born again", born into a life that is right with God. We must have faith in Christ, we must place our hopes in Him, we must trust Him for our salvation, and turn back to the holy life we were created for.

We here at Revealing His Glory urge you to consider the claims of Christ. We ask you to take seriously your sin and the punishment for that sin. We ask that you ponder the message found in the Bible of the saving grace of Christ. We would encourage you to flee from God's wrath, to take shelter in God's grace provided by Jesus, and to repent of your sins.

If you have any questions at all concerning salvation, or how one is saved, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. The message of Jesus Christ is the best news one can hear, and we are excited to share it with you.

"And the Glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken."
~ Isaiah 40:5

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